Whether you are motivated to improve your property value or would like to get more use out of your garden space, building a summer house is a hugely beneficial idea. As outbuildings go, they have long been cherished for the utility and respite that they offer to homeowners, whether as a creative space, a professional room, or simply an area for relaxation, all of which benefit from being close to or immersed within nature.

There are a number of uses for summer houses, many of which go beyond simple practical purposes too. So, to help inspire your garden renovation or to encourage you to improve your home with a brand new luxury outbuilding, we’ve collected the best reasons as to why you should build a summer house.

Improved Wellness

There are numerous and extensive practical reasons to build a summer house, some of which we will share here. But, before we go into that, it is important to recognise the mental health benefits an outbuilding can have upon a resident. Being able to leave one’s living space and retreat into an exterior building, especially one that is nestled among the riches of nature, can be the missing factor for many a person’s mental wellness.

Storage Space

When people think of outdoor storage, they are likely to picture a shed space. However, summer houses have even more potential for storage space. Sheds are often left to accommodate tools and equipment, especially those that are too dirty to store elsewhere. This leads them to become neglected as residents take comfort in their versatility. Having a summer house storage space allows for more particular items, such as collections or valuables, to be stored without compromising the living space of the main property.

No Matter the Weather

Gardens, especially those situated within the British climate, are prone to becoming quickly off-limits once the rain falls. By building a summer house in your garden, you create a space that enables you to make the most of your garden space even during the most wretched of weather conditions. This becomes even more apparent during winter when many homeowners refrain from visiting their garden spaces until springtime.

Elevate Your Business

Teleworking is now ubiquitous and many homeowners are scrambling to create a professional space within their homes. This can be problematic because living spaces, when in close proximity to working spaces, can often overlap, leading to a poor work-life balance. Situating your professional life in a garden outbuilding like a summer house can give your professional life just the distance it needs to ensure that you both work without distraction and your personal time is free from stress.

Dine With Guests

While many homeowners would leap at the chance to spend more time dining outdoors with guests, the weather prevents this from happening. Summer houses, especially those with large doors that open fully, welcoming nature indoors, are ideal for year-round and late-night dining experiences. They protect guests from the elements while simultaneously create a comfortable environment that everyone can enjoy.