Cockroaches are one of the greatest nuisances that can disrupt your everyday life. These little rodents may seem harmless but they can often create several problems, including serious contamination.

Mostly, all cockroach infestation begins in the kitchen or bathroom. And this is because roaches are attracted to food and water. One effective way to prevent the infestation of cockroaches is by hiring a reputed pest control Framingham agency. These agencies possess in-depth expertise and know which areas to target to get rid of the roaches for good.

Besides, there are also some simple anti-cockroach efforts that you can do on your own to prevent infestation.

  • Clean Your Kitchen Thoroughly

Cockroaches can eat everything. They enter any premise only in search of food. And if your kitchen has food leftovers, grease, crumbs, etc., then it will surely attract roaches. Thus, the easiest way to keep these nasty pests out of your apartment is by keeping it clean.

Make sure to wash the dishes properly and put away any leftover meals. Keep the kitchen racks, stove-tops, and counters clean and grease-free by wiping them with a disinfectant.

  • Keep the Bathroom Clean

It is important to keep the bathrooms clean and dry to avoid infestation. You must use a good toilet cleaner and disinfect the pot every alternate day. Similarly, clean the sink once every week with a potent cleaner and make sure the drains are seldom clogged. Lastly, keep the shower curtains dry and free of moss.

  • Change the Trash Regularly

An almost full trash bag is like a hotbed for cockroaches. Typically, the garbage has many organic and inorganic wastes where the organisms can breed. So make sure to take your trash bags outside regularly or as soon as they become full. Also, try to store them in a bin away from your home as it can omit a stingy odor.

  • Seal Any Holes, Gaps, and Cracks

Cockroaches enter the house by crawling through cracks and gaps in your home’s foundation. So take a good look at the floors and walls in each area, especially the bathroom and the kitchen. The most common problem areas include those around the doors and windows, along the building’s foundation, attic, or around the gas and plumbing lines. If you notice any cracks, seal them immediately.

If the openings are too big, you can even use a fine wire mesh to create a robust barrier and keep the cockroaches out.

  • Use Boric Acid

If you want to go for a DIY approach, consider using boric acid. Take equal parts of boric acid, sugar, and flour and turn it into fine dough. Make small balls of the dough and place them around areas of the apartment that attract most cockroaches. This dough will draw the roaches, and kill them when they feed on it.

It is important to note that these boric acid balls can be very dangerous for pets. So, if you have any furry companions around, give this a skip.

These are some easy and effective ways to keep cockroaches out of your apartment. If the problem of pests persists, it is best to call a professional pest control agency to treat your house.