For centuries, roof window and skylights have been commonly utilized in architecture. You would also find ancient Romans sought to add natural light to their structures by using skylights. Natural light has a positive effect on your wellbeing and health. That is one of the major reasons that architects recommend to get top-quality roof window or skylight installed at your property by reputable and professional installers like Clarke Roofing & Plumbing in Melbourne. Their team has extensive experience in offering skylight installation & replacement services for both commercial and residential customers.

Here are some great benefits for installing skylights to your home:

  • Natural lighting

As mentioned earlier that the prime reason for installing skylights or roof windows at commercial spaces or homes is for abundant natural sunlight. When you reduce exposure to artificial light but increase natural sunlight, it has a number of health benefits like boosting up vitamin D that is great for your body, improving productivity and sleep, and more. So, if you want a happier home, install a skylight as it can be a great addition. 

  • More space

Many people have noticed that smaller spaces look bigger if there is a skylight or roof window. One part of the reason is the great effect of natural light on your space. The other is that when you have a window overhead, it provides an illusion of more space in a smaller area as well. That is why cramped or smaller rooms in the house, especially bathrooms, often have skylights.

So, the trick is, you can use good quality installation of skylight Melbourne by Clarke Roofing & Plumbing and other design elements for making small spaces look well-lighted and spacious.

  • Ventilation

Skylights are not solely for the illumination purpose. When you choose to install a model that can open up, you even get good ventilation. This works great for those rooms that do not get enough fresh air like the bathrooms. They can even work wonderfully by circulating the stuffy air or letting out the steam from hot showers. In the summer months, skylights can even be used as a natural vent.

  • Increased house value

One of the perfect aesthetic changes you can make to your home is add one or two skylights. As skylights are so popular and beneficial, many people are also willing to pay more to have them installed in their homes. So, if you are planning to sell your home in the future, skylights can be a great investment too. 

  • Solar heat

During cold months, having a source of heat which does not cost you a penny is a good investment. Solar heat that you get from skylight is a wonderful way of cutting down on your energy bills.

If you are looking for one of the leading suppliers of custom roof windows and skylights Melbourne, get in touch with Clarke Roofing & Plumbing today. They offer highly experienced and fully licensed installers, so the products installed fit perfectly on your rooftop and even last for several years.