One of the most challenging repairs you can face as a homeowner is water damage, especially in your basement. But, as much as we would like to will it away, basement leaking and flooding are quite common. There are several reasons for a basement floor leak, and while the problem is part of the solution, it is important to know how you can fix and waterproof your basement. For an effective and long-lasting solution, here are some ways to fix water seeping through your basement floor.

1. Clear your drains and gutters

You may not pay much mind to your roof gutters, but they are crucial to the dryness of your basement. When gutters and drains get clogged with dirt or other obstructions, it can create a buildup of water that gushes straight down to your foundation, which finds its way to your basement. To stop water from seeping through your basement floor, ensure to routinely clear your drains and gutters.

2. Gutter extensions

If your roof gutters are directed to downpour near your foundation walls, it can lead to a buildup of water that eventually leads to water damage in your basement floor. Install a gutter extension that will move the downpour at least six feet away from your foundation so that the likelihood of water damage from the water collected from your roof will be little to none.

3. Landscape reshaping

If the soil surrounding your home is angled towards the foundation, rainfall can seep into the basement easily. Therefore, reshaping is necessary to correct the angle of the soil and ensure that it slopes away from your house as an effective fix to prevent water seeping into your basement floor.

4. Caulk and Seal Cracks

After finding and fixing the source of your current water damage, it is important to prevent future occurrences by waterproofing your basement. There are several methods of basement waterproofing that will prove effective in fixing your basement water damage such as fixing cracks in your walls and concrete floor with sealant and caulk. The less cracks you have, the less room for water to seep into your basement.

5. Sump Pump Installation

One of the best basement waterproofing methods is a sump pump. It drains water from any underground angles away from your basement, thereby keeping it dry all year round. When there’s any sort of flooding or leaking, the sump pump can collect water and divert it from your basement. It’s a worthy investment to fix water seeping through your basement floor.

The moment you spot any signs of water damage in your basement, you should look out for the source of the leak/damage and start the process of fixing the problem.