When a person builds a new home or renovates an old house, he/she needs to select new doors and windows for this project. How to choose the right windows and doors for your project? Now, customized windows and doors are offered by home designers and manufacturers of building parts. Different aspects should be considered while selecting doors and windows for a building, to make them perfectly matched with other architectural features.

Function of the room –

Each room should have specific types of doors and windows according to the function of that space in the house. The windows of a bedroom will be smaller than that of a living room and bathroom windows will be the smallest. The size of openings for doors and windows vary from room to room, as per the use of each room.

Most comfortable design –

The opening for a door or window differs according to the location of a room and its architectural style. The privacy level of the room also determines the designs of the doors and windows, to make residents comfortable. The choice of correct design can help in the entry of air and natural light into a room.

Amount of light to be allowed –

The natural light entering through a door or window depends on the direction to which it opens. Doors and windows to the eastern side allow the maximum light in the morning while openings to the western part allow more light in the afternoon. Similarly, the types of doors and windows depend on the location that allows light differently at different times of the year.

Connection to the adjacent space –

If a door or window is connected to the outdoor space, it should be made of sturdy material. The doors and windows opening to another room or interior space can be made of any cheaper material, as these will not face any external hazard. The frequency of access through a door is also considered while selecting its variety for a certain opening.

Interior décor of the room –

The color and design of doors and windows should match the color scheme of the walls and ceiling of that indoor space. The size of these doors and windows are chosen according to the free space available for those openings, sparing the shelves or cupboards on adjacent walls or other features hanging nearby.

It is best to consult an architect or interior designer before buying suitable new doors and windows for a house, which will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property.