According to Mark Roemer Oakland, working as a crime scene cleanup specialist can be challenging. Even with the proper training and skills required to become a crime scene cleanup specialist, it can take real effort to witness horrific crime scenes or get used to the sheer unexpected mess that can encompass crime scenes. Still, they specialize in sanitizing and cleaning homes, offices, and even vehicles after accidents, suicides, and crimes.

The Details

Here are a few ways crime scene cleanup specialists apply their skills:

  1. Cleaning up the mess of an accident, suicide, or crime scene – Unlike regular cleaning specialists, crime scene cleanup specialists have to handle the cleanup more carefully since they have to dispose of potentially biohazardous organic materials. Thus, they have to work with specialized tools and equipment for cleaning up biological matter such as blood or chemical remains such as tear gas used by law enforcement.

For instance, they combat putrefaction by using enzyme-based cleaning solutions, neutralize ambient odors using ozone machines, and soften biological matter that has hardened over the years using foggers.

Plus, they are trained properly to use special cleaning tools and products that normal people don’t have access to and are not properly trained to use.

  1. Cleaning up the mess of an unattended death – The significance of properly cleaning the scene of an unattended death cannot be overstated. Most people underestimate the cleaning requirements associated with the task but without proper clean-up, it can cause significant trouble for the future occupants.

In the case of unattended deaths, it can become too long before the dead body is discovered, or somebody cleans the crime scene. As a result, it can result in the accumulation of tough stains or lingering smells that can result in a “mysterious mess” which are harder to detect and clean. It is the reason why many properties of a crime scene feel ‘unclean’ and are sold at a discounted price.

  1. Dealing with long-term accumulated animal waste – Every pet owner knows the difficulty associated with cleaning the urine or fecal matter of their pets. Plus, you also have to get rid of the foul odor that emanates from pet fecal matter. Properties that have been subjected to the accumulation of pet fecal matter for the long term need special treatment to get them cleaned properly. Otherwise, they can turn into a biohazard situation.

Crime scene cleanup specialists safely neutralize such biohazard risks by safely applying the proper cleaning techniques and getting rid of any visible waste matter.

  1. Mental support and empathy – Crime scene cleanup specialists also have to be empathetic and show compassion when dealing with the family members of the deceased. They have to show great attention to detail to ensure zero health hazards remain at the crime scene but also provide support and reassurance to the family members of the deceased.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you hire reputed crime scene cleanup specialists to enjoy the best experience. Never hire regular cleaning professionals to deal with the cleanup of a suspected crime scene since they are not equipped for the job.