Brisbane is a toasty city: anyone who has passed a boiling summer’s day in town will attest to that. And for many people keeping cool in this balmy metropolis can be a pretty difficult thing to do. Those ghastly hot summer days spent indoors can be really unpleasant anywhere, let alone a tropical town like our beautiful one on the sea!

But it doesn’t have to be this way, legendary Brisbanite! As there are many easy ways you can insulate your home without having to go overboard. Things like covering air holes, using a door snake and installing the best Brisbane timber doors & windows available are just a few of the ways in which you can beat the city heat at all times of the year.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can keep your home cool and cosy year-round:

  • Install stunning timber doors & windows

 The best, most elegant timber doors and windows available will also work as an insulation barrier for your home. Wood is a poor heat conductor, and so this means you don’t have to worry about the heat using the entrance as a means of entering the home. The fittings will simply absorb most of the heat, effectively ensuring that you don’t have to worry about the entrance being a culprit for your home being so hot!

  • Cover air holes with weatherproofing

Every Brisbane home should be comprehensively weatherproofed, if not for the heat but the driving rains that arrive in the wet season. By installing some weatherproof caulking and strips, you will be going a long way to ensuring your home is insulated from the heat as well as protected from the wild wet season!

  1. Install thick curtains on the windows

By installing stunning blackout curtains, you will help keep the heat out of your home. If you don’t want to splurge on brand new curtains, you can also go for a liner to attach to your current curtains, something like PVC shower curtain or fleece. Keep the curtains closed during the hot daylight hours to ensure that rowdy sun can’t become too intense in the home.

  1. Use a door snake

This is probably the most simple way you can keep some of that heat out of the home. The trusty snake is a fantastic way to ensure that heat can’t creep into your home. There are so many different styles and materials available, ensuring you will keep out that nasty heat in the easiest way possible!

  1. Plug the chimney if you’re not using it

Many people are surprised to learn that Brisbane homes have fireplaces, but the city can get pretty chilly, and many older homes still have these legendary home warmers as their living room’s centrepiece. Unfortunately, these fireplaces can also allow in plenty of heat in the summer months, essentially ruling out the good they may have done all those years back when they were basically a home essential.

So, it’s never a bad idea to install a fireplace plug in the summer months, especially if you have the air conditioner running, as this ensures the fresh, cool air won’t escape out into the city heat!

This city is sure toasty, but with some effective planning and a few helpful installations, you won’t have to worry so much about the home getting too hot to handle, especially when those nasty summer days really take full effect!