Roof gutters are among the most neglected parts of a building. However, water damage can be life-threatening for your house and all the contents inside it. When water accumulates in your roof gutter system, it can lead to water seepage into concrete or mortar joints, leading to water damage in your home. Since water damage restoration is not that easy, it is better to prevent it before water enters your home.

1. Water Damage Restoration Is Complex

The materials used for water damage restoration are not cheap. Cleaning up water once water has entered your home might have a hefty price tag attached to it too. A single episode of water leakage can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in not functional materials. If you do not want these expenses ruining your finances, you should keep gutters clean at all times to avoid it.

2. Poor Gutters Lead To Leaks In Your Home Structure

If your roof gutter system becomes loose or dislodged due to poor maintenance, water might leak into the interior part of your home. This water can seep through electrical wiring and other openings in your house.

3. Water Damage In The Rafters Will Ruin Your Home

When water accumulates for a long time in the spaces between beams or rafters of your roof structure, it can weaken wood and cause structural damages that you cannot ignore. Expenses for water damage restoration might be high since water may have corroded parts of your wood and metal structures as well by the time you find out about the leaks.

4. Damaged Roof Trusses Are A Safety Hazard For You And Your Family

If water damage occurs for an extended period of time, things like insulation, ductwork even drywall might get damaged. This water damage can cause water to leak into the roof trusses of your home. Water-soaked roof trusses are susceptible to decay and might collapse at any time, posing a risk to you and your family.

5. Removing Mold Requires Professional Help

Mold growth in homes is common where water leaks have occurred even once. If water accumulates for days or weeks inside the ceiling of your home, it will start producing spores that will contaminate all surfaces within your house. You will then need professional help, which includes mold removal as well. Find out how to prevent water damage in your home