Are you sprucing up your home this season? Colours instantly elevate the look and feel of your home and significantly affect your mood.

Don’t know which hues to choose for your abode in 2022? Asian Paints has a wide selection of shades that will transform your home into your sanctuary. Read along to know about 4 two colour combinations that you can consider using for your space.

Pepper Leaf 8386 & Love Song L144

Pepper Leaf is a light avocado green that will instantly make a room exude hope, cheerfulness and energy. Love Song is a light shade of beige that goes perfectly with the muted green hue. This wall colour combination is great for your bedroom, dining room and study. Though both the hues are dull and subtle, they look elegant and chic when used together. People who have vintage, Mid-century modern or cabin-style houses can consider using this combination this year.

Nut Roast-N 9908 & Biennale White L162

Have you decided to go all out with your interior home design this year? If yes, then we have a perfect hue for you, which screams drama and bold. We are talking about Asian Paint’s Nut Roast-N, which is an intense shade of dark terracotta colour. This dense colour instantly makes a space look warm, cosy and intimate. Pair this with Biennale White and you have a match made in heaven. Biennale White is light, airy and acts as a perfect contrast to the dark terracotta colour. This combination is great for your bedroom as it will make it appear opulent and chic.

Monsoon Midnight-N 9644 & Salt White L163

We all know that blue and white is a timeless colour combination that we can never get tired of. The nautical-themed wall colour design is so versatile that no matter what your house style is, it will look perfect. While Monsoon Midnight-N is a gorgeous midnight blue colour that imitates the deep night skies, Salt White is an off-white shade that exudes grace and elegance. This wall colour combination will make a room give out an airy, open, light and grounded vibe. The best part about this versatile colour combination is that it is a great choice for almost any room from your living room, bedroom, dining room, or kitchen to your powder room.

 Mecca Gold 7982 & Blank Canvas 7932

Mecca Gold is another stunning hue that will make your guests drool during your next dinner party. It is a burnt orange shade that radiates warmth, energy and joy. Blank Canvas is a pale neutral hue that will provide a rich contrast to the Mecca Gold and let it remain the showstopper in a room. This wall colour combination is great for the living room, dining room and bedroom. People who have tropical, bohemian, French countryside and Mid-century themed houses can consider using this combination for their houses this year.

This year is all about pushing the borders and being whimsical when it comes to choosing the wall colour designs. Don’t forget to have fun and experiment with hues instead of playing it safe and sticking to the monotonous neutrals.

So, which of these hues is your favourite? Looking for interior home design tips and a place to buy high quality paints? Head over to the Asian Paints website to get your hands on an extensive range of hues that will help you make your home look vibrant, chic and stylish. Hire Asian Paints Safe Painting Service if you want experts to help you decide the right hue for your home, and plan and execute the painting work.